BackBlast Let’s end the month well!

Let’s end the month well!

Upon driving to the AO I wondered how many Pax intended to end their month well. The weather was perfect. I left a bit early just in case traffic was bad on Carolina Forest Blvd. As I sipped the black java making the long drive to the AO the traffic was lite, so I made …

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BackBlast On The Fly

On The Fly

Conditions: 46 F, clear but soggy. YHC had completely forgotten about being on Q this morning, the second time that has happened this week. Two long trips and the holiday schedule have left me all kinds of confused, but it was good to get back out to the Motherships after a couple months away. Showed …

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BackBlast The Flop Signal

The Flop Signal

YHC posted to Slack that this morning would be miles and smiles. We’d keep a good pace, so load your ruck accordingly and go heavier if you want to burn a few more calories before tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feasts. Turns out, that announcement is the equivalent of shining the Flop Signal onto the clouds over the …

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BackBlast Tour de Warthog

Tour de Warthog

Upon chatting with a few of the guys last week I let them know yours truly was on the Q sheet for Warthog. Without even thinking about it TR and Anchor Man committed a week earlier. Upon texting the night before for HC’s TR stepped up to drive us all to make the journey south. …

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BackBlast Hour Long Penguin Huddle

Hour Long Penguin Huddle

Knowing that the Monday WaveRucker has been slow to takeoff, YHC was excited to see some HCs roll in on Slack over the weekend and even the chance of an FNG. The FNG submitted the typical excuse Saturday night, that 0500 was too early though, so we rolled with our solid group of 4 ruckers. …

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BackBlast Beat the Fartsack

Beat the Fartsack

Not gonna lie, this morning was a tough one for YHC. After a long week, a late night, and seeing the temperature, the #fartsack was more tempting than ever. But the accountability, fellowship, and desire to get 1% better won out and I threw on the tights and beanie, jumped in the M’s car with …

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BackBlast 15s at Sharknado

15s at Sharknado

When the temperatures start to drop and you have the Q on a Monday morning, with little to no chatter on Slack, you never know what you’re going to get. YHC was pleasantly surprised though to see Kiwi, Ringo, and Shoeless circled by the flag when I pulled in at 0510. We got the warmup …

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BackBlast CHAD1000X @ Warbird Park

CHAD1000X @ Warbird Park

With Veteran’s Day yesterday, the call went out for PAX to participate in the #CHAD1000X WOD ( The WOD consists of 1000 step ups. Prescribed with a 45# ruck and a 20″ box, but any modifications to weight and step height were allowed and encouraged as long as the work was put in and Navy …

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BackBlast Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

Weather-70’s with slight rain (perfect) As always, I am excited to Q a workout any chance I get. However, this morning was a bit different. As I tried to get the baby to suck down his last little bit of milk quietly around 3:45am so I could get the day started I heard a bit …

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BackBlast Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Checking the weather before hitting the fartsack last night, YHC figured there may be a light showing at Doug Shaw this morning. 60 degrees with a 70% chance of rain at 0500. But, as all F3GrandStrand PAX should know: a. rain or shine and b. those early morning rain forecasts almost always back up a …

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