BackBlast 5 PAX Tossing Coupons

5 PAX Tossing Coupons

Conditions:  About 50 and darn near perfect! Pulled in at 5:10 to see Texas Ranger’s clown mobile already holding the gate open.  How nice, sense they changed the gate code at The Village.  Shortly after, as I see Boxcar and Texas Ranger, I realize they put in extra work with a pre-run.  Here comes Beefsteak …

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BackBlast First Village Q

First Village Q

AO The Village Conditions: High 30’s This was my first time venturing away from #Catapult on Q. Seems like a good place to venture out when a great dude like Texas Ranger runs the AOQ as there is no judgement and he’s encouraging. Keeping healthy and changing my lifestyle is what F3 has done for …

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BackBlast Village Bells

Village Bells

AO: The Village Conditions: 48 degrees.  Cool for us and a big change from the 70+ we have had earlier in the week. #TheVillage AOQ, Texas Ranger, Q’d at #Warthog on Tuesday so I returned the favor with a Q at The Village.  I like posting here whenever I can but the schedules overlap for …

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BackBlast A Quiet 4 Corner Beatdown

A Quiet 4 Corner Beatdown

68* of Balmy Goodness YHC arrived at The Village at 0510 to find Quaker and Dramamine getting out of their cars. YHC decided to leave the world-famous DJ equipment in the whip and just listen to the sounds of the early morning Village gloom. Would any other PAX be showing up or were they stuck …

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BackBlast Stroll to the Beach

Stroll to the Beach

AO: The Village Conditions: 58 degrees, partly cloudy. Weather was great!  Back to shorts for now.  YHC wasn’t sure what to expect at #TheVillage since Friday’s have been light and many in the PAX are DR and the possibility that some might be tired of another Headgear Q since YHC Q’d at #Bombsquad earlier in …

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BackBlast The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas

36* Crisp! Not much of a breeze thank goodness. Flashback to yesterday… hmm, Twitter notification. Wait, what? Tomorrow is the 19th already and YHC is on Q? Boy oh boy, is December flying by fast or what? The first thing that popped into YHC’s mind was to come up with a Twelve Days of Christmas …

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BackBlast Cinder-sleds at the Village

Cinder-sleds at the Village

The Village pax arrived at the AO to find amazing December weather for the beatdown.  Good to see Dramamine back out ready to get some work in.  Rubber arrived dressed for July, and Vitamin D and Quaker rounded out the squad. 1 minute warning and disclaimer given Warmed up with: SSH IC x 20 LBAC …

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BackBlast Wise Men day 5

Wise Men day 5

Star log 12/13….Day 5 of our sleigh ride thru the AO’s, delivering nothing but cheer and good looks to all the PAX.  From Timeshare to Blackbeard- Xmas cheer has been spread, the gifts of laughter and proper form given.  Moans have been heard and complaints taken to heart. But alas, we keep the sleigh full …

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TheVillage 12 Days of Christmas Caroling

12 Days of Christmas Caroling

Conditions– COLD ( mid 30s) and calm I woke up earlier than normal and got down to the AO to prep for my 2nd Q at the Village (regardless of what Ranger thinks :)) I started the festive  jams, which may or may not included the farting acoustic versions of Jingle Bells and many variations …

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BackBlast The Village 2 Year Anniversary

The Village 2 Year Anniversary

AO: The Village Conditions: 50s and clear The four members of Team BLAK (Skidmark, YHC, High Interest, and Boxcar) finally got back together for our first full reunion since the shield lock challenge ended… and of course we all forgot to text Crankbait to get him to bring the shield to the Village #SMH. We …

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