BackBlast Day Umteen Thousand of World Shutdown

Day Umteen Thousand of World Shutdown

70ish   Modified Virtual Disclaimer recited in plank position.    Crankbait noticed that we were Three-Quarters of our Lock’d & Loaded Shieldlock, where’s Humpback?   10 Merkins SC 20 SSH IC 20 TTT IC 20 IW IC 20 HillBillies IC   COUPON WORK   15 OHP w/ Coupon OYO 15 Bent Over Rows w/ Coupon …

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BackBlast Chuck Bryson from Shelby!

Chuck Bryson from Shelby!

It was the first virtual Q for YHC and it could definitely use a little improvement! Audio was different when leading. Couldn’t hear as well! Camera angle is crucial. We made it work, after a quick phone call to BrownBag and away we went!   Warmups: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Windmill, stretch, Arm Circles, Merkins, …

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BackBlast Still Raining….

Still Raining….

Weather-  Still Raining, but we caught a decent break. No one wants to be that guy, but that was me this morning.  YHC Was late to post.  Had a brain fart and was off schedule.  Thought it was friday.  I volunteered to Q (again this week) as everyone else seems to be broke or sick, …

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BackBlast When it Rains, Bring the Pain…

When it Rains, Bring the Pain…

Weather-  RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.  It was not chilly, but it will not stop raining! YHC has been getting over some sort of funk that the 2.0’s keep bringing home from school so i was not looking forward to working out in the rain/cold.  Luckily it was not that cold but instead of risking …

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BackBlast Team Me Up Scotty

Team Me Up Scotty

  AO: TimeShare Conditions: 39 Degrees, Calm As YHC checked the Q sheet on Twitter for Saturday I saw an open spot at TimeShare. It was an opportunity to Q so YHC jumped right in (Hey, Rousey can’t get all the glory for doing back to back Q’s). Unbeknownst to YHC, Quicksand had also saw …

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BackBlast Olive for your tini?? #Weekoftheolive

Olive for your tini?? #Weekoftheolive

After receiving turn by turn directions from last night, YHC was ready to deliver the final beat down for the #WeekOfOlive at his home away from home in Grand Strand at #TimeShare. Knowing how close the AO is to my condo, I decided to run a #standard door to door. Upon exiting the wind tunnels …

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TimeShare Yoga Mat Debacle

Yoga Mat Debacle

Conditions – temp in the 60’s, damp after a brief shower. I rolled in about 5:10 ish and much to my surprise a favorable group was already there.  Clown Car which brought Brownbag, Quaker, and Humpback was there. Slaughter who is one of our Down range regulars, Cubby, Beaker, and LabRat – our adopted pax …

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TimeShare Some of this, Some of that

Some of this, Some of that

The THANG Warm-o-ramma SSH x 21 IW x 21 Abe Vigoda (slow Wind Mills) x 11 Low slow Squats x 11 Good mornings x 11 Mosey to Mclean Park   1 lap around the park, end at yoga mat  Indian run, person dropping back does 2 Hurpees (hand release burpees) and then runs to the …

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BackBlast “Block Party” Beatdown

“Block Party” Beatdown

AO:  TIMESHARE CONDITION: 47* and Misty, Very Gloomy (PERFECT) Now that my wife is a nurse working the night shift my F3 Schedule is becoming sporadic.  Which means that i must make the most out of every beat down when I’m there.  Get out and Put out!!  Anyways i picked up my FNG on the …

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The Thang Arriving to the AO 10 min. early the damp dark vacant parking lot and i have a stare down as the shovel flag is planted, I was reminded the HC that was received the night before in group text from Labrat. I knew the gloom was bound to receive at least two HIM …

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