TimeShare Timeshare Dora Dora Dora

Timeshare Dora Dora Dora

Conditions 72 Slight humidity I rolled in at 5:10 to find Chicken Little there.  Cubby soon to follow. We started with some stretching.  Through the tunnel 20 IC, Right foot over left stretch till you feel it then alternate. 20 IW’s IC, LBAC’s 10 forward, 10 backward, 10 seal claps. Time to mosey.  I grabbed …

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BackBlast You wanna talk about football?

You wanna talk about football?

a. another muggy morning in NMB b. thankful Viagra showed in the gloom c. started the day off with a mosey to escape a 5am sand storm created by leaf blowers. stopped at a nearby parking lot to get a little warm up/stretch. broke out a new squat/stretch “the mountain main crapper” lots of grunts …

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TimeShare Only Takes Two

Only Takes Two

Conditions – Low 70’s somewhat humid. I rolled in around 10 after 5 to find Chicken Little there.  Come to find out he was watching some obscure YouTube video on his phone.  Something about going down a rabbit hole. LOL.. Not sure where the rest of our local pax are.  (hint-Fartsacking) We stretched as a …

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BackBlast Old School Tour Day 6

Old School Tour Day 6

Conditions 75 and 100% Humidity.  Sweet! What day is this?  Tuesday.  Where are we today?  #Timeshare.  How long does it take to get there?  Ugh….forever….HA!  Nah.  22 minutes to bring our traveling road show to the North end!!!  We haven’t been up here in a while, so we were hoping for 100’s of PAX!  Turned …

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BackBlast Timeshare 9-4-2021

Timeshare 9-4-2021

Weather,  Oh man the weather is perfect.   I got the AO about 5 mins prior to start and we had a nice little group already present.  I had cubby bring his sandbag, and i brought mine for some added fun into todays festivities. 1 Min warning, disclaimer given, time to go… The Thang…. Warm …

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BackBlast Deck of Uncomfort

Deck of Uncomfort

A. Conditions- warm, finally not hot B. 5 PAX – affectionately referred to as regulars C. Started at the parking lot with little warm u and mosey to a beach side parking lot Broke out my own deck of cards workout as my F3 deck has not arrived. named the deck of uncomfort as it …

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BackBlast Timesharing with Slaughter

Timesharing with Slaughter

Conditions– High 70s, muggy and humid, but no thunderstorms! Since the Catapult Q sheet has been full, I decided to add myself to other AO Qs to make the rounds. Originally, Hedgehog mentioned a few weeks back he wanted to  check out Timeshare for the first time, so I said I would Q it and …

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TimeShare Random is.. as Random does…

Random is.. as Random does…

Conditions = 60’s/ sketchy*/ damp / almost a lightning show then clear Another Open slot on the Q sheet and YHC was on the fence, so to speak, if I could make it out in the gloom. Headache was poundin at 04:00 – Ill tell ya a healthy flying elvis and advil can do it …

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BackBlast Timeshare: No storm afterall

Timeshare: No storm afterall

a. conditions- cool morning. the thunderstorms that kept so many PAX in the fartsack never showed up b. We had 2 locals supported by a couple down range guys and a 2.0(glad to have the dr support) c. in light of decent weather and a few DR pax this mornings thang took us on a …

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TimeShare Gender Reveal Workout?

Gender Reveal Workout?

Conditions : Around 71 and pleasant. I arrived around 5:10 to find Chicken Little, Brownbag and John Doe there.  Weasel pulls in behind me.  Beaker rolls in with his 2.0’s.  Then the sound of big truck tires coming down Main St. Yes Cubby. Disclaimer given and we started on time. Warm ups with 15 TTT …

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