BackBlast Lead To Make Champions

Lead To Make Champions

Weather: 42 Degrees Early morning rise and off to work I go!!!  Time to lead the PAX for another adventure in the Gloom!! Time to shine! Time to be great! Don’t want to let my brothers down. I was thinking of a way to be a leader in a different way. A way that will …

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BackBlast The Beautiful PAX

The Beautiful PAX

AO: Warthog (The Mothership) Conditions: Clear 51 degrees. It’s my birthday so of course I wanted to celebrate by Q’ing at #TheMothership #Warthog!  Somehow, some momentum started and we had 1 #FNG HC, then 2 and then 3 and then a #Kotter.  On top of Disconnect’s, EH with #Fergie earlier this week and #DawgPound recently …

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BackBlast 4 Corners to 11’s at WartHog

4 Corners to 11’s at WartHog

39*   Headgear had asked YHC to venture down for a WartHog Q and YHC said, “Sign me up coach!”. But damn, y’all start late on Saturday. YHC arrived at the smooth, glass-like asphalt parking lot at 0654 and shared some mumble chatter with Dawg Pound, OneStar, DR from UnionCo/Waxhaw, Headgear and Skimmer. A few …

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BackBlast The Battle of Cowpens

The Battle of Cowpens

Another unseasonably warm and humid day brought 6 pax out into the gloom to get their day started with a little bit of good living. With the 239th anniversary of Cowpens taking place on January 17th, YHC though we would spend today remembering the battle that turned the tide of the Revolution War in the …

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BackBlast Tuck and Roll

Tuck and Roll

AO: Warthog Conditions: 68 deg and awesome for the middle of January Honestly, I didn’t really look at the sports schedule when I put my name down to Q at WH at the end of December… so seeing that I was on Q the morning after the National Championship game (with Clemson playing no less) …

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BackBlast #cancersucks


YHC arrived about 0420 to set out cones and run a mile or so to prepare for a #extracredit pre-run with Headgear and Hamburglar. Just getting back into town last night from a hometown funeral to bury my stepdad’s brother who passed from Pancreatic cancer at just 59. The family was incredibly strong and my …

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BackBlast Twas the Beatdown Before Christmas

Twas the Beatdown Before Christmas

‘Twas the early morn of Christmas Eve, when all through the F3 GS Warthog “turf”, Not a creature was stirring, not even a pre-run called by Hamburglar (w/ a decent 70% of showing) pounding the “earth”; The beatdown that would occur was meticulously planned by YHC/QIC with “care”, In hopes that many Pax (maybe even …

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BackBlast What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger… probably

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger… probably

AO Warthog Conditions 65ish, PERFECT Believe it or not, I have only posted to a Warthog BC 5 times over the past year. And each time it was terrible. (but in a good way) I remember every time… Handy Manny (2nd F3 post for me), One Call, Headgear, Convergence, and most recently Boxcar. There were aspects …

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BackBlast Wise Men Day 6

Wise Men Day 6

Conditions COLD and WET!  When my alarm went off at 0618, it was downpouring.  Figured, man, wonder who will show.  It cleared a bit but everything was saturated, so Bling and I figured the parking deck was the place to be.  We got there, set up TWO (yes 2) workouts!!!  Since it’s an hour today, …

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BackBlast Disconnect’s Birthday Disconnect

Disconnect’s Birthday Disconnect

Well, what can I say, My first time was better…..I figure my birth was Chaotic and crazy and someone lost count so, why not today.   Disconnect’s Disconnected Birthday Q where the exercises do not matter and the reps are made up. 60s!!!! Medium Humidity did not need the extra layers this morning.   Pre …

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