BackBlast LeT it sNow

LeT it sNow

Conditions Cold, 36ish YHC has had to hand off a couple of scheduled Saturday Warthog Qs recently, so when OneCall reached out looking for a fill-in, I jumped at it. Knowing a bunch of PAX are training for the upcoming marathon and the Blue Ridge Relay in September, a pre-run was called for 0600. YHC …

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BackBlast Tower of Power

Tower of Power

Conditions: COLD. 36 degrees, but no wind so that was nice. The Thang: YHC showed up a little early to set up and verify the Tower of Power course. Most PAX came screaming in right before the one-minute call so YHC felt a little better that it wasn’t going to be YHC, Fergie, and Hoser. …

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BackBlast Moving Day @ Warthog

Moving Day @ Warthog

The Thang: YHC agreed to take this Q about a month ago when Fergie asked for volunteers to fill the Warthog December Q Sheet. I’ve posted at Warthog a handful of times, and have been looking forward to leading here. It’s a great AO, minus the awful parking lot we start and finish at. This …

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BackBlast Climb Every Mountain (or in this case Hill)

Climb Every Mountain (or in this case Hill)

What a great day for a beat down, got to the mothership – Warthog about 10 minutes before the beat down and sat in my car – (Fergie the current AOQ was already there – punctual as always).  While it wasn’t raining it was spitting and temperature was hovering around the 42 mark.  Not knowing …

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BackBlast Glowing Mosey Laps

Glowing Mosey Laps

YHC arrived approximately 5:05 AM to find AOQ Fergie already present and getting ready to plant the shovel flag. Fergie has really stepped up in his role as AO and has been doing a great job consistently posting and getting us a good variety of Q’s. Props to Fergie! Pax started rolling in consistently afterwards …

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BackBlast #SpiritFingers and a Powerful COT!

#SpiritFingers and a Powerful COT!

Conditions: High 60s, sun peeking through rain clouds, rain earlier, and a slightly soggy field (causing a mental audible to do our WODs at Valor Park). YHC (QIC)’s monthly trek (outside of his normal Saturday AO) to Q and/or post…and so it was honor to be able lead the #HIM at F3 GrandStrand’s “flagship” #Warthog …

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Warthog The Day The World Changed Forever.

The Day The World Changed Forever.

80 years ago today President Roosevelt gave his “Infamy” speech as a Declaration of  War was drafted by Congress and the United States officially entered World War 2. Here is that speech in its entirety: Yesterday, December 7, 1941 a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately …

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BackBlast For the Love of Playing Football!

For the Love of Playing Football!

50 Degrees – PERFECT!   Here’s the breakdown –    The North Team: Brown Bag – Team Captain Castaway – Offensive Captain Chicken Little – Defensive Captain Beefsteak Candy Cane Pikachu Quaker Sade Tiny Dancer Weasel   The South Team: Billboard – Team Captain Hard Hat Grilled Cheese Weedeater Flash Blooper Manziel Bubbles Butch Tapout …

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BackBlast חנוכה שמח

חנוכה שמח

Conditions Started off cool around 47 and warmed up very quick! Another day at #Warthog and another Saturday Q!!!  Fergie is like a man possessed when filling his Q sheet, so I quickly obliged.  Had a bunch of floating #weinkes in my head based on what the weather would be, who would show, etc.   Great …

BackBlast Legs & Lungs

Legs & Lungs

Conditions 50ish and clear 1 minute warning and disclaimer COP Weather was a little warmer this morning, but still pretty brisk (Warthog always seems colder than YHC’s driveway), so the COP started with a 2 lap mosey around the track to warm up and loosen the muscles.  After 2 laps, we headed to the picnic …

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