Warthog To the Summit!

To the Summit!

Conditions: Not too cold and not too hot! One-minute warning and disclaimer provided Warm up: SSH, windmill, imperial walker, mountain climbers, and plank jacks Mosey to Mount Myrtle: 5-4-3-2-1 Burpees with running up and over to the other side of Mount Myrtle in between burpees. Mosey to picnic tables for 11’s with dips and step …

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BackBlast We are not having a yard sale…

We are not having a yard sale…

Conditions 60+; sleeveless shirts! Saturdays at #Warthog…our original AO and a place with so many options.  Until it insanely rains all day the day before since the fields do not drain at all!!!  But there are plenty of other places to explore…. A pre-ruck miles and PT had been called for.  Rousey, Valvano, and YHC …

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BackBlast The 3 Amigos, or idiots

The 3 Amigos, or idiots

Warthog- April 2nd.  Yes, my name was on the Q.  Looking at the weather yesterday I knew it would be ugly.  43 and raining, what a great start to the day!  I love getting a text from Weedeater last night. weedeater- “I assume parking deck?” me- “Yes, but you wont be there anyway!” (Does anyone …

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BackBlast Flash & Billboards Block Adventures

Flash & Billboards Block Adventures

“The Thang” Conditions: Cool and Crisp.  High 40’s. Flash and Billboards Block Adventures: Arrived at parking lot excited to get my bike out and go for a ride Hoping I had some Pax to go with me.  Jingles showed up to ride (one of my salty gear buddies). Whittles (Bernie) showed up but he was …

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Warthog Mountain Climbers Club

Mountain Climbers Club

Conditions: 45 and windy 1 minute warning and disclaimer provided Warm up: SSH, through the tunnel, moutain climbers, imperial walkers, and hillbillies Mosey to the picnic tables for a set of 11’s with big boy sit ups and dips. Mosey to the bridge and lunge walk over the bridge. Mosey to parking deck for rounds …

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BackBlast Birthday fun!!!!

Birthday fun!!!!

Conditions 52 and beautiful! 46 today!  Not quite the #respect age that some of you clowns like to say, what with all my gray hair, but still another year on this awesome earth!!  Super thankful for everything F3 has meant to me over the years and for all the friendships and the Brotherhood!!  As per …

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BackBlast Amped Up!

Amped Up!

AO: Warthog Conditions: 56 Degrees, Cloudy…beautiful change from earlier in the week! I showed up about 8 minutes till 0700 start time.  3 PAX, OneCall, Rousey and Bling, had just completed their 1.5 Hour Ruck to include pull-ups, burpees and Turkish Getups, and while Geno was congratulating them on their super gloom beatdown, Bling opened …

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BackBlast 4 Corners Offense (Go Heels!)

4 Corners Offense (Go Heels!)

Conditions 35° A few weeks ago, YHC Qd #Warthog before the first UNC v Duke game of the season and obviously created some positive mojo for the Heels as they stomped the Devils on their home court.  With a rematch scheduled for this Saturday, YHC figured some more mojo wouldn’t hurt.  Today’s Q was in …

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BackBlast GO HEELS!


Conditions 47° with with steady winds of 15mph making it feel like 41° Tomorrow is a big day in the Valvano household for two reasons: #1: it is the first Carolina-Duke game of the season! and #2: it is the M’s birthday.  YHC set out this morning to educate the low country PAX on some UNC …

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BackBlast Laughin’ in the Rain

Laughin’ in the Rain

AO: Warthog Arrived at AO around 6:50 after participating in 30 minute beatdown at BombSquad. A few car were already in the lot (probably ruckers, or bikers, or some other sort of pre-workout in the supergloom!) . . . or so I thought. Took a look ’round to but didn’t see much activity. So I …

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