BackBlast Merkin with a side of Surf & Turf

Merkin with a side of Surf & Turf

A beautiful cool morning at Warthog, 40 ish low, to medium humidity. Passed Hamburglar and Franklin at the turn in at Market Commons Running hard as usual. Did not get there pace time but about 4-5 miles from what Hamburglar said. Pax started to arrive 10 mins early as par or Warthog, Karma up to …

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BackBlast Wind Chill…No chill

Wind Chill…No chill

Conditions: Cold & Windy YHC felt the low temp combined with the bone chilling wind this morning & knew he would have to move this beatdown to warmer parts of the AO. The Honda was loaded with 5 coupons of various weights & headed to the AO. Upon my arrival at the top the parking …

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BackBlast Veterans Day Weekend Q

Veterans Day Weekend Q

  AO: Warthog Conditions: Clear, 36 Degrees, 71% Humidity…Cold Veterans Day is a special day designated to recognize all those who have served in the US Armed Forces.  There are 20.4 million US Veterans in the United States among a total population of 327 million people.  There are currently 1.3 million active duty US Military …

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BackBlast Tiny Tim’s 50th, amongst other things….

Tiny Tim’s 50th, amongst other things….

Warthog, the Ultimate AO, Mothergoose, The Godfather of AO’s, the birthplace of F3Grandstrand.  OK, ok, we got it.  So when the new AOQ Headgear (aka Charlie Soto) asks you to grab a date to Q, you take it and run.  Im just lucky my car-pool bro mentioned this to my yesterday as we were driving …

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BackBlast #Tinderama [or not]

#Tinderama [or not]

Conditions 76, but in the 40’s tomorrow!! HALLOWEEN!!!!!  Time for candy!  Found some old fortune cookies, leftover Flop protein bars, an apple, a ho ho, twix, snickers, etc….whatever I could sneak out without the 2.0’s looking for em.  Threw them in a bag along with the printouts of AWESOME exercises to do this fine morning! …

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BackBlast Warthog Tour

Warthog Tour

AO: Warthog Conditions: Clear. 67 degrees. 96% Humidity. YHC took the Q this morning, knowing it is Mom Soto’s B-Day.  Just like many moms, she spent much of YHCs childhood running 3 boys all over town and getting stuff done!  She is also a black belt in Taekwondo, played many sports in her younger years, …

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BackBlast Pre-Mini-Marathon


AO: Warthog Conditions: Cool.  53 degrees and clear. We at Warthog were spoiled with the Iron Pax Challenge last month taking up 4 automatic Tuesdays so YHC was slacking and didn’t completely fill the Q sheet for October.  That means that this open date had to be filled by YHC.  No worries, mini-marathon is coming …

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BackBlast Don’t Flip Out

Don’t Flip Out

AO: Warthog Conditions: 68 degrees, slight breeze, threating clouds but not precipitation Pulled into the parking lot to find 8 PAX already chatting it up.  Though I heard someone groan when he figured out that YHC was on Q this a.m. (Last Q involved flipping tires, ring of fire, and sprints!).  So yeah, I was …

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BackBlast High School Reunion

High School Reunion

YHC arrived at Warthog at 0425 to stretch for a pre-run announced by Disconnect on Twitter the night before. Shortly thereafter he and Headgear arrived, and after a little stretching we went for a leisurely stroll through the AO. Upon arriving back the men were pouring in, no doubt in excitement to celebrate my high …

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BackBlast Iron Pax Week 4

Iron Pax Week 4

AO: Warthog Conditions: 69 Degrees, Clear YHC showed up early and measured out 100 yards marked with cones and field marking paint (in case any one else wants to go back this week and try it).  Had the shovel flag planted, white board set up, extra blocks and some tunes! 2 Minute Warning Disclaimer Sugar’s …

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