BackBlast Almost Birthday Q!!

Almost Birthday Q!!

I just want to say I appreciate and am thankful for F3 and all my brothers some of whom I knew before but most would have possibly never met.  I appreciate all of you for the friendship, strength, fun, accountability you have given me through the years 💪😎 It is/was an honor to lead today!! …

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BackBlast Keeping Up with the Harris’s

Keeping Up with the Harris’s

34* Perfect! At 0700 YHC reminded the PAX precisely one week from this time we will be three quarters through GrowRuck training. Haha! Mumblechatter consisted of this PAX and that PAX said they’d be here. Other PAX going to Gun shows because evidently 106 guns aren’t quite enough. The last one couldn’t show because he …

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Warthog Ruck-Friendly … with Burpees?

Ruck-Friendly … with Burpees?

Knowing we have a ton of #HIM in the region preparing for #GrowRuck22, YHC decided to plan a ruck/coupon-friendly Q and announced such on Twitter and Slack.  GORUCK/GrowRuck events are more than just carrying heavy items for long distances – they typically start with a “Welcome Party”, which tends to be similar to our bootcamps …

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BackBlast Deck


Conditions Breezy but oh so nice at 63 That was the air.  The ground was however AWFUL.  Swamps, mud, water EVERYWHERE.  So had to modify the #weinke so that Fergie didn’t go into rage mode.  It seems if you tell him he may have to change clothes he goes ballistic.  Also, bring a change of …

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BackBlast Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Be Prepared I learned two things the day I was in the Boy Scouts, how to make a paddle boat and always be prepared. I loved that paddle boat so much I didn’t think anything could top it so I never went back. But always being prepared helped me today. I lined up some blocks …

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BackBlast Break Up the Routine!

Break Up the Routine!

AO Warthog Conditions 50 and cloudy (couldn’t decide if it was going to rain) I find that its always a great time to get out to the #Mothership and get a Q in to break up some of the monotony of my routine. Something about going to a place that you don’t normally workout with …

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BackBlast Why???


The Mothership AO apparently has some new leadership with Flash and Weedeater filling up the Q sheets at Warthog as quickly as Weedeater pounds a dozen Krispy’s- but you wouldn’t know it from todays workout.  Weedeater had a urinalysis and Flash had a haircut appt- so neither made it out to my Q today that …

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BackBlast GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

Conditions – COLD COLD COLD  26 with real feel of 23.  PERFECT MORNING FOR RUCKING!!! Headgear has worked very hard behind the scenes to get a GrowRuck here in MB.  This is a huge deal and we are very proud of his efforts/bribes.  If he is your financial planner – check your accounts right around …

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BackBlast Warthog with strong numbers

Warthog with strong numbers

AO Warthog Conditions 62 degrees and beautiful somehow I have managed to not Q at WH since I’ve started F3. That’s coming up on two years next month. All AO’s are kinda hurting in numbers right now. Hard to pin point the issues other than Covid related. And maybe the cold weather. Saw a few …

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BackBlast Birthday Canceled

Birthday Canceled

AO: Warthog Conditions: Clear and Cool.  39 degrees   -1 Minute Warning   -Disclaimer   Warm-Up -SSH x25 -High Knees x25 -Imperial Walkers x15 -TTT x15 -Windmills x15 -Merkins x22 -Plank-RightArm-Regular-LeftArm -Regular-RightLeg-RightLegOver- Regular-LeftLeg-LeftLegOver -Regular-LeftArmRightLeg- Regular-RightArmLeftLeg   Mosey to Bridge Since AOQ, Flash, told me he would be DR and my birthday is canceled, we will …

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