BackBlast Partner up!

Partner up!

Conditions: 70s with SC middle of summer humidity. YHC/QIC was offered the Q at #Warthog by Headgear (AOQ) since we were already going to be on site with #Judeechop and the spot needed filling. Sure! And it was an honor to be running the show at F3 Grandstrand’s mothership on a primo day like Saturday. …

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BackBlast Our man – Ralph Lauren – #Warthog Backblast 7/11/19

Our man – Ralph Lauren – #Warthog Backblast 7/11/19

It’s always fun getting to workout at F3Grandstrand.  Today was no different.  Headgear put me down to Q at Warthog and to be honest- I was a little uncertain.  #BigShoesToFill I wanted everyone to have fun at this workout and began putting ideas together. I realized the date was 7/11 and things began to come …

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BackBlast The Warthog Q

The Warthog Q

HIGH 70’s HUMID!   Warthog! YHC let Headgear know to put Brown Bag on the Q schedule and today is the day! YHC arrived nice and early to survey the AO and to set up the 6 Station Beatdown. A steady flow of PAX rolled in but no Hamburglar? Last week YHC Q’d an anniversary …

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BackBlast Independence Day Funfest!

Independence Day Funfest!

#Warthog Conditions:  HOT and HUMID…didn’t check but there are Heat Advisories issued today. YHC picked this date to Q a few weeks ago before anyone was on the July Q sheet.  Thought it would be great to celebrate America, Freedom and get better together.  After Memorial Day, YHC heard about a guy in PA that …

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BackBlast Guest Q – Warthog – 6/29/19 – Christmas in July, Well Close Enough

Guest Q – Warthog – 6/29/19 – Christmas in July, Well Close Enough

Eleven Grand Strand regulars and four from down (or is up?) range broke the grasp of the Saturday morning fartsack to see what a visiting Q had in store. The THANG Quick mosey around the field and back to the starting point, just to confuse Headgear carrying the flag COP (All IC) Side Straddle Hops …

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BackBlast JudeeChop – Season 3 – Re-Launch!

JudeeChop – Season 3 – Re-Launch!

Conditions: 70s with moderate SC humidity and 1,000 gnats. YHC/QIC was DR for over 2 weeks that postponed the seasonal re-launch of #JudeeChop a few weeks. YHC was glad to be back with his brothers to #getbetter!  And today was the day to start the ignition on #JC 2019 – our 3rd season!  #JC is …

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BackBlast Guest Q – Kilo

Guest Q – Kilo

Post DR, just do it.  Next time you’re out of town in a f3 friendly territory.  Make it a priority.  What I found at #warthog of F3Grandstrand was a group of HIM that made me feel welcome and right at home.  The mumblechatter was top notch, ripping the fart sacks, telling stories of the gloom. …

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BackBlast 4 Year Anniversary Convergence

4 Year Anniversary Convergence

What an awesome Gloom for a Convergence!  Great weather! While numerous PAX were Rucking (WaveRucker) and biking (Salty Gears), High Interest and YHC were meeting in the super gloom at Krispy Kreme donuts picking up coffeeteria goods for the 2nd F after Convergence.  BTW, 10 dozen donuts and 6 boxes of coffee is way too …

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BackBlast Trying new things!

Trying new things!

AO: Warthog Conditions: 72 Cloudy with a slight breeze and a little damp.  Feeling cool and a nice break from the hot humid weather. YHC spends some of his free time scouring the internet and social media pages looking for new workouts for his fellow PAX and he isn’t afraid to steal something he likes. …

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BackBlast OYO but all together!

OYO but all together!

Arrived this morning early enough to get my cones out for my Q and Karma and Jingles were already there. Hey guys!! come give me a hand! Karma says, “dude i am preparing my head for the workout”. I said what? He said I need time dude I cat be doing anything before we start …

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