BackBlast Wise Men Day 2

Wise Men Day 2

Conditions 60+ Day 2 of our #ChristmasGiftToThePAX as the #2WiseMen traveled south!  Bling picked me up and we tried out the recently and finally opened 31 all the way to 707…which once you get off 31, you are only like 75 miles to Blackbeard.  Next time we will take 17.  Arrived on scene and heard …

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BackBlast Where is Blackbeard Revenge’s new shovelflag?? Oh, we know where.

Where is Blackbeard Revenge’s new shovelflag?? Oh, we know where.

Conditions: Blackbeard Revenge’s weather, 68 w/ Perfect conditions Guest Shovel flag planted One Minute Warning given Disclaimer The Thang Warm-a-ramo SSH IC x 20 Windmills IC x 20 Imperial Walker IC x 20 Merkins OYO x 20 Copperhead Squats IC x 20 Batwings IC x 20 Mosey out to Kings River Rd moving south to …

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BackBlast Blackbeard turns 4!

Blackbeard turns 4!

Conditions: Warm and Humid d/t the excitement for impending celebration beatdown. Several weeks ago the F3 executive board was having the quarterly meeting and agreed to continue celebrating AO anniversaries with convergences and realized the Blackbeard 4 year anniversary was soon approaching.  We jumped into gear to ensure giving all PAX enough heads up to …

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BackBlast Carolina in the Morning

Carolina in the Morning

Conditions: Mid 70’s and humid YHC arrived at 0450, planted the shovel flag, hit the lights and laid out the cones in the outfield of the baseball field, with (freshly mowed grass) and finished my thermos of java. The rest of the Pax all rolled in about the same time for the 1 minute warning. 1 …

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BackBlast This is gonna be fun!!!!

This is gonna be fun!!!!

Conditions 70+; humid and gross FINALLY!!!!  Back down to #Blackbeard!  Miss these guys!!! 1 minute Warning and full disclaimer COP SSH’s x 20 IC IW x 15 IC Windmill x 10 IC Stretch hammies – center, left, right TTT x 10 IC Plank Stretch calves Merkins – 22 single count cadence – #22Kills Tempo Squat …

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BackBlast 4 Year Anniversary Convergence

4 Year Anniversary Convergence

What an awesome Gloom for a Convergence!  Great weather! While numerous PAX were Rucking (WaveRucker) and biking (Salty Gears), High Interest and YHC were meeting in the super gloom at Krispy Kreme donuts picking up coffeeteria goods for the 2nd F after Convergence.  BTW, 10 dozen donuts and 6 boxes of coffee is way too …

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BackBlast Q v. Q Finals: When Worlds Collide

Q v. Q Finals: When Worlds Collide

  AO: BombSquad Conditions: 69 Degrees, Calm, Low Humidity . . . Perfect This was it!! The long-awaited Q v. Q Finals. There was stiff competition all along the way and every PAX who participated brought their ‘A’ Game!! Everyone was evenly matched and every beatdown went down to the final bell. Sunshine v. Crankbait …

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BackBlast And The Winner Is . . .

And The Winner Is . . .

2019 Dragon Boat Races Conditions: 79 degrees, sunny, slight breeze, perfect Alternative Backblast Titles: (1) “We Were Robbed by the Myrtle Beach Police Department”; (2) “ The Thrill of Victory & The Agony of Defeat!!”; or (3) “Just the Tip” Let’s be honest, we all signed up for the Dragonboat Race to win!! No one …

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BackBlast Spring Breakers have arrived!

Spring Breakers have arrived!

Conditions: Upper 60’s, clear for Mundy Thursday YHC pulled in and planted the shovel-flag at 0500 and hit the lights. Popped on my vest and off for my morning mosey. Arriving back to the parking lot, who do I see and hear from. Sandman!! Welcome back!! It’s been to long, but we caught up along …

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Blackbeard'sRevenge Blackbeard 4/9/19

Blackbeard 4/9/19

Warm up. Side Straddle Hops, 20Merkins, 15 prison squats, 5 burpees, F/B arm circles, Mosey Main work out- DORA, 150 Merkin, 200squats, 250BigBoys, 300 double count mountain climbers. One partner completes exercise, other partner runs to opposite end of court and knocks out 10 of the exercise in completion. Mary- 10min, 2 burpees and plank …

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