DATE: 1.28.2023 REGION: GRANDSTRAND CONDITIONS: Perfect BACK GROUND MUSIC: Well I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try my best to capture the pomp and circumstance that ensued at the Mothership during the peaceful transfer of leadership from our former Nant’an, Headgear, to YHC. First off, I would like to thank Headgear and …

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BackBlast Blackbeard


Warmup, 11’s with Freddy mercuries and big boy sit-ups, many suicides with fun exercises at each turn, ab mania

BackBlast For the Love of Playing Football!

For the Love of Playing Football!

50 Degrees – PERFECT!   Here’s the breakdown –    The North Team: Brown Bag – Team Captain Castaway – Offensive Captain Chicken Little – Defensive Captain Beefsteak Candy Cane Pikachu Quaker Sade Tiny Dancer Weasel   The South Team: Billboard – Team Captain Hard Hat Grilled Cheese Weedeater Flash Blooper Manziel Bubbles Butch Tapout …

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BackBlast Blue Light Special

Blue Light Special

AO: Blackbeard Conditions: Warmer than yesterday and earlier this week Swiper and Heisenberg have the Q sheet filled for months so we all just show up and Q when its our turn.  We have a great group of PAX here at BlackBeard so we always have something good in store.  Weedeater brought the IronPAX Challenge …

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BackBlast 20 years ago – 9/11/01 – #NeverForget

20 years ago – 9/11/01 – #NeverForget

“I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” ― George W. Bush 20 years ago, this Nation was shook to its core.  Today would be a time to honor those that gave it all and remember them and …

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BackBlast Old School Tour Day #2

Old School Tour Day #2

Day 2 Ship Log……Lost at sea down in Murrells Inlet….. One Call and I are on the tour of the AO’s this week and next.  Today’s stop was down South, way down South at Blackbeard!  Picked up my partner in crime at 2am to make sure we got down to the SC/GA state line in …

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BackBlast F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

AO: Warthog-Region-wide 6 year Anniversary Convergence Conditions: Excellent Date: June 12, 2021 Time: 7:00 am The THANG: Calling all Secret Studs & Clowncar Buds, Calling all missing Kotters & Half-ass Squaters; Calling all OG’s & Friendly Newbies; Calling All PAX with Respect & the Usual Suspects   It’s time to shut down every AO but …

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BackBlast Dodging Traffic

Dodging Traffic

AO: Blackbeard Conditions: Foggy Rolled up to the AO at about 0520 to see lights already on, SoftShell finishing his pre-ruck and Methane pulling the shovel flag out of his car looking just like an AOQ…but he’s not the AOQ…yet.  Cheesy had sent me a text letting me know he couldn’t make it this morning …

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BackBlast Down South Jukin

Down South Jukin

31* Perfect   YHC posted at Blackbeard for the 1st time last month and immediately looked for the opportunity to Q. Pulled up the Q-sheet, saw an opening, and boom, today is the day!   Put out the clowncar invitation to the reinvigorated sheildlock but the timing didn’t work for anyone. Then YHC was texting …

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BackBlast GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

Conditions – COLD COLD COLD  26 with real feel of 23.  PERFECT MORNING FOR RUCKING!!! Headgear has worked very hard behind the scenes to get a GrowRuck here in MB.  This is a huge deal and we are very proud of his efforts/bribes.  If he is your financial planner – check your accounts right around …

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