DATE: 1.28.2023 REGION: GRANDSTRAND CONDITIONS: Perfect BACK GROUND MUSIC: Well I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try my best to capture the pomp and circumstance that ensued at the Mothership during the peaceful transfer of leadership from our former Nant’an, Headgear, to YHC. First off, I would like to thank Headgear and …

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BackBlast Pythagoras  Would Be Proud!

Pythagoras  Would Be Proud!

AO: The Plank Conditions: Perfect The Plank is like no other AO in the region! It provides a level of physicality and uniqueness that can not be duplicated. Not only is it under the bright lights (nowhere to hide) it provides stadium bleacher and 2 mobile pull-up bars!! If you can muster the mental mettle …

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BackBlast Awful Waffle

Awful Waffle

So in true Tiny Dancer form the idea to do coffeteria at Waffle House instead of a typical beatdown was being thrown around as soon as pax showed to Doug Shaw. To be honest we have been pushing hard all year at The Plank and striving for 2% better instead of a measly 1% so …

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BackBlast Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

With holiday travels, cold weather, and little to no talks about posting on slack or text i figured it was gonna be just Drifter and me for the beatdown this morning, but to my surprise I saw Crabs waiting as I finished my 5K prerun. While we were talking and catching up with Crabs I …

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BackBlast Zachary Tellier

Zachary Tellier

Got a message from Valvano the day before saying he may not make it but he had picked the Zachary Tellier WOD out for us just in case he couldnt post. For those of you who love under a rock, dont pay attention to slack/Twitter, or just dont care we have brought the Thursday Hero …

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BackBlast Blocks on the field

Blocks on the field

YHC pulled into The Plank at 0508 to the sight of some expected cars. Drifter was stretching out after a 2 mile prerun and Candy Cane was finishing up his 5K, or as Drifter put it his “Valvano points”. Cyclone came in at the same time and then we noticed a Jeep pull in. Is …

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BackBlast Maupin WOD

Maupin WOD

AO: The Plank Conditions: 60s and clear HeroWOD Thursdays are back at the plank for the month of December. Here is what we did. Disclaimer – Lets get this show on the road COP: 20 SSH IC 15 TTT IC 15 Windmills IC 15 IW IC Maupin WOD:  U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Keith “Matt” Maupin, …

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BackBlast Miles, Merkins, and Curls Oh My…

Miles, Merkins, and Curls Oh My…

AO: The Plank Conditions: 50s and damp, but not bad Well its a new month and a new chance to try to get to the top of the monthly 1st F Challenge, but the competition is proving stiff as there are strong competitors all over the Grandstrand. Figured it was about time to get in …

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BackBlast Hero WOD

Hero WOD

After talking with a few pax YHC decided to bring the Hero WODs back for another month and only though we would start with the one WOD and fan favorite ”The Murph”. All pax finished and all pax got better. Great work men! Announcements: Christmas party/Convergence, shoeboxes, bikes Boxcar prayed us out

BackBlast Little Bit Of Everything

Little Bit Of Everything

Just like the title states the plan was to focus on a little bit of everything. 0 min warning was given after YHC, Castaway, and Boxcar rolled up from our 5K prerun and after Boxcar parted ways pax were instructed to riffle carry blocks to sideline opposite of the famous stadium steps. Round 1: 20 …

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