BackBlast Body by Weasel

Body by Weasel

After a late night request from FLOP, YHC manned up and was able to fill in for him since he had bigger and better things to do down on the south end.  Let me start by saying that i have been to many AO’s between here, Charlotte, Raleigh and Wilmington and Timeshare is still by …

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BackBlast The Return of the Weasel

The Return of the Weasel

I have been IR for the last couple weeks.  My return to the gloom was very welcomed and anticipated until the guys learned i was taking the Q.  I have challenged the packs of Timeshare to fill the sheet for the month of July, if not i will fill in the gaps and i wont …

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BackBlast The Death Star Will Have to Wait

The Death Star Will Have to Wait

PAX: Viagra, Beaker, Lab Rat, Ka-pow!; Quaker (QIC) AO: Timeshare Conditions: 40 degrees, slight ocean breeze Always exciting to take a hike up the pike and visit the PAX at Timeshare! I was curious if anyone would bring a #Kotter or an #FNG to the beatdown as request last night on Twitter.  After arriving at …

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BackBlast Wave till it burns

Wave till it burns

AO: Catapult Conditions: A beautiful comfortable 59 degrees and ripe for a beatdown to warm the body Originally my buddy O’douls had the Q today but he was feeling the effects of this chest cold going around lately. So I offered to help him out and Cover his Q. I’ve come to actually enjoy leading …

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BackBlast A Village Beatdown from Down Under

A Village Beatdown from Down Under

14 Pax, including 2 FNGs and a Kotter rolled up to the Village for a Thursday beatdown courtesy of YHC.  It was great to see Weezer back out, after his FNG appearance Tuesday.  The Choice has posted consistently since his Kotter comeback last month.  2 full shield lock teams were present and were prepared for …

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BackBlast Thrown to the Wolves

Thrown to the Wolves

AO: Catapult Conditions 68 and awesome once again Showed up to the parking lot and it was full. I was surprised and didn’t expect a large crowd today. Figured we’d be back to our 5-6 guys. High Interest asked who was on Q as Twitter said Special Co Q. Told him what was happening as …

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BackBlast Don’t Flip Out

Don’t Flip Out

AO: Warthog Conditions: 68 degrees, slight breeze, threating clouds but not precipitation Pulled into the parking lot to find 8 PAX already chatting it up.  Though I heard someone groan when he figured out that YHC was on Q this a.m. (Last Q involved flipping tires, ring of fire, and sprints!).  So yeah, I was …

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BackBlast Costume party anyone

Costume party anyone

AO: Catapult Conditions 71 and it feels great. Leading up to the Workout OneCall informed me that the PAX would be a larger number than were used to at Catapult. Catapult is used to 5-6 PAX so when a big crowd shows up, must be…. oh that’s right #Shieldlock and Best Team padding their numbers …

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BackBlast Blocks over Bombsquad

Blocks over Bombsquad

Conditions: high seventies, clear skies, and a little classic rock too boot. YHC, arrived a few minutes early to quickly prepare t quality beatdown for a Sat gloomfest.  Soon after an unfamiliar truck sporting a mtn bike on the rear pulls in and its none other than Hong Kong Phooey.  we get reacquainted and turns …

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BackBlast What is Coming Up Next?

What is Coming Up Next?

Conditions:  About 70 degrees and just about right! Shield Lock Team Black – Boxcar, Texas Ranger, High Interest, and YHC pulled up around 5:09.  We checked out the coupon situation and waited for more PAX. The Choice pulled up about a minute later and we were pleased he came after being out for a while …

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