BackBlast One-Eighty-One


Conditions: 39 degrees, dry As the clown car from YOP pulled into the 28th Ave S public parking lot that was our rendezvous point a sense of relief came over me as the other two PAX, Huey and Hoser, had found the designated spot and I was certain the provided latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates had …

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Warthog Ruck-Friendly … with Burpees?

Ruck-Friendly … with Burpees?

Knowing we have a ton of #HIM in the region preparing for #GrowRuck22, YHC decided to plan a ruck/coupon-friendly Q and announced such on Twitter and Slack.  GORUCK/GrowRuck events are more than just carrying heavy items for long distances – they typically start with a “Welcome Party”, which tends to be similar to our bootcamps …

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BackBlast Shoulder Smoke Fest

Shoulder Smoke Fest

Weather- A Balmy 33 degrees with about a 10-15 MPH wind resulting in a blazing feels like temperature of 23 degrees. The Q sheet was open on Monday for the privilege to Q the best AO in the region. YHC deiced to step up and try to keep that standard. We have had a rash …

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ElevationMonday Ruckers Gotta Run

Ruckers Gotta Run

Fresh off an amazing (if I do say so myself) 3 hr #GrowRuck22 training session on Saturday morning, YHC was a little skeptical of the turnout for #ElevationMonday.  Add to that the near 24hrs of rain and a 100% chance of rain for 0500, YHC started to think it may be a solo beatdown.  But …

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Weather-  It was a BEAUTIFUL 40* Clear Skies, Amazing Sunrise   Well 1st I want to say THANK YOU, to all the Pax that came today.  It really means a lot.  I had never intended on this being a convergence, but after some persuasion from Flash and a few other guys, the AOQ’s shut everything …

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BackBlast Unofficial Official Birthday Q

Unofficial Official Birthday Q

So Valvano closed gave us an awesome beatdown on the last Waverucker of 2020, and YHC wanted to keep that ball rolling as we start 2021. Spoiler alert, I failed. YHC took this Q as this would be my last Waverucker at the spry age of 35. YHC also had the Q on Saturday for …

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BackBlast 2020/2021 Q on the Fly

2020/2021 Q on the Fly

YHC took this Q a while back hoping to send WaveRucker out of 2020 on a high note, but then proceeded to leave my 2020/2021 Q at the office last night, so ended up modifying on the fly a bit.  Hopefully it still lived up to the WaveRucker standard.  Hoser asked what equipment would be …

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BackBlast The Hundo

The Hundo

Well Winter is hear…at least for this week, with this being the third consecutive day with the temperature in the low 40’s. However there was no wind so it made it a lot better than Elevation Monday. Three cars delivered the 4 pax that would take on todays challenge. Valvano was watching the Royal Rumble …

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BackBlast I Want To Play A Game

I Want To Play A Game

Weather: 66 degrees Bling reached out on the channel to see who was on tap for Waverucker Wednesday, aka The Best Beatdown of the Week. Valvano chimed in saying that he would take it and we could do some more training for the Chad WOD coming up on the 11th. YHC realized that it has been …

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BackBlast Back To Our Roots

Back To Our Roots

YHC posted to Slack that this WaveRucker would be a return to our original WaveRucker workouts – 45 minutes of rucking followed by a 45 minute beatdown.  Heavy weight and/or sandbags were encouraged, but YHC had a change of plans overnight and no bags would be needed. Conditions 73 … oppressively muggy 1 minute warning …

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