BackBlast Back The way You Came..

Back The way You Came..

THE THANG: What’s Up Freaks?! YHC returned to The Mothership like Deadbeat Dad…trying to make up for lost time. The sounds of Lil Wayne echoed in my car but my mind was on all of the great times I’ve had at Warthog. If you are reading this & haven’t taken the time to explore the …

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BackBlast Master of the House

Master of the House

This has to be the 1st Backblast ever written with a Les Miserable reference/title. Just sayin. Every once and a while, the Master has to come back and show the students how its done. Not sure thats what actually happened today, but it did in my mind! So- when Fergie demands I dust off the …

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BackBlast Mothership in FU effect

Mothership in FU effect

Yeah, that’s what Fergie (Warthog AOQ) posted to Slack last night. YHC would have the Q and the Mothership would be in FU effect. He claims it was a typo, I like to believe he was just fired up and looking for a brutal beatdown. Not sure I delivered (I’ll let him be the judge), …

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BackBlast Remembering the good old days by the trees

Remembering the good old days by the trees

5:14 One minute warning 5:15 Proper F3 disclosure Time to get to work Mosey around the track COP 22 SSH IC 7 Burpees 20 IW IC 7 Burpees 15 WM IC 7 Burpees IC 20 LBAC forward IC 20 LBAC reverse IC 20 OH clap IC 20 Squat position Overhead press IC 7 Burpees Plank …

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BackBlast On The Fly

On The Fly

Conditions: 46 F, clear but soggy. YHC had completely forgotten about being on Q this morning, the second time that has happened this week. Two long trips and the holiday schedule have left me all kinds of confused, but it was good to get back out to the Motherships after a couple months away. Showed …

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BackBlast Tour de Warthog

Tour de Warthog

Upon chatting with a few of the guys last week I let them know yours truly was on the Q sheet for Warthog. Without even thinking about it TR and Anchor Man committed a week earlier. Upon texting the night before for HC’s TR stepped up to drive us all to make the journey south. …

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BackBlast Where it all started!

Where it all started!

It’s always special to me to lead at Warthog because this is where it all started just over 7 years ago. I knew the men would be ready for anything I threw at them today. I tried to bring a mix of some of the first few beatdowns I had the privilege to be a …

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BackBlast CHAD1000X @ Warbird Park

CHAD1000X @ Warbird Park

With Veteran’s Day yesterday, the call went out for PAX to participate in the #CHAD1000X WOD ( The WOD consists of 1000 step ups. Prescribed with a 45# ruck and a 20″ box, but any modifications to weight and step height were allowed and encouraged as long as the work was put in and Navy …

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BackBlast Trick or Treat Part Duex

Trick or Treat Part Duex

COPStart with a mosey to the bridge, circling Manziel’s Jeep once while he got his shoes onSSH IC x 20TTT IC x 10Windmill IC x 10Mosey into the parking deckTempo Squats IC x 10Mosey up 2 rampsTempo Merkins IC x 10Mosey to the topTTT IC x 10 YHC had prepared a stack of index cards …

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BackBlast Waverucker 11/2/22

Waverucker 11/2/22

Last night YHC attempted to chum the waters to increase attendance for waverucker. The decision was made that this morning the pax would be focusing on miles, and fellowship. Pax were allowed to ruck whatever weight they were comfortable with or not even bring a ruck. The HC started to flow in from the usual …

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